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New Year’s Resolutions

When did ringing in the New Year become such a big deal? Turns out, it isn’t just a construct of modern Americans. Some 4,000 years ago, Babylonians rang in their new year with an 11-day festival in March, and ancient Egyptians celebrated the advent of their new calendar during the Nile River’s annual flood. By 46 B.C., Roman emperor Julius Caesar had moved the first day of the year to Jan. 1 in honor of the Roman god of beginnings, Janus. But it wasn’t until 1582, that Pope Gregory XIII brought the Jan. 1 New Year back in vogue with the Gregorian calendar — a concept that persists today.

What about the New Year’s Resolutions? The origin of making New Year’s resolutions rests with the Babylonians, who reportedly made promises to the gods in hopes they’d earn good favor in the coming year. They often resolved to get out of debt. New Year’s resolutions are, as one author wrote, “a triumph of hope over experience” [source: Westacott]. They’re a way to quantify what we wish for ourselves. They are a means to cataloguing our personal dissatisfactions. And, perhaps most importantly, they are a method of erasing errors of the past year.

Now that you have your resolutions, what’s the secret to keeping them? Simply wanting to change is not enough; you need to make it stick. One way to do this is to share your resolution with others (hence the tradition). It’s also important to give yourself some time to make them a reality. More time than you may have planned on, actually. Most believe that new habits can be formed in 21 days, however new research is suggesting we need a longer timetable. One recent study found it took participants an average of 66 days to do something different — and stick with it. So have patience and remember that New Year’s resolutions are all about hopefulness.

What are the top 10 New Year’s Resolutions?

  1. Spend more time with Family and Friends.
  2. Get Fit.
  3. Lose Weight.
  4. Quit Smoking.
  5. Enjoy Life More.
  6. Quit Drinking.
  7. Get Out of Debt.
  8. Learn Something New.
  9. Help Others.
  10. Get Organized.


What is your New Year’s Resolution for 2016? Let us know here.


Challenge Coins

Challenge Coins

The tradition of the military carrying coins can be traced all the way back to the Civil War and World War I when Soldiers left for battle with a coin from home in their pocket and kept it after the conflict as a lasting remembrance of their wartime experiences. It was during World War II where the “Challenge Coin” became a tradition. American soldiers stationed in Germany after the war adopted that country’s popular “pfennig check.” The pfennig was the smallest unit of German currency. When someone announced a pfennig check, a soldier who could not produce one had to buy a round of drinks for his buddies. This tradition carried into the Vietnam War where Special Forces units minted a coin to express the unique identity and strong bond forged between them. Other units quickly began creating their own to build camaraderie and symbolize their pride of membership in an elite group. Today, coin checks are still a part of military life and are revered by troops in every branch of service. Various penalties are still handed out for those found without theirs. These custom coins – originally minted for military units – capture in metal the essence of their affiliation and their fierce pride. But not only are they carried by soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines, they are also carried by lawmen, firefighters, Government entities, and almost any member of a particular unit with a well-defined history and mission. The challenge coin is not merely a token, but a tangible source of pride.

Signet can supply you with lapel pins, Challenge Coins, and Medallions. When you have a special event, business anniversary, completion of a major project, or want to reward work that is above and beyond, gift those with a special commemorative pin, coin, or medallion. Contact us today to customize yours or pick from pre-made designs.

Please allow up to 4 weeks for completion, so please plan accordingly.

Reference: The Challenge Coin Tradition (A Brief Look at the History of Challenge Coins In the Military), Retrieved October 29, 2015 from


Happy National S’mores Day!

I’m sure not many know that today is National S’mores Day. Observed on the 10th of August every year – campfire prime time – it is not proven to be an actual National Holiday (which requires an act of Congress), but is sponsored by the National Confectioners Association.

S’mores are made from three simple ingredients — graham crackers, toasted marshmallows, and melted chocolate bars. No one knows exactly when or where the popular campfire treat was born. The first recorded S’more’s recipe is in the 1927 publication, “Tramping and Trailing with the Girl Scouts.” Other reports of the S’mores origin are as early as 1925. The story goes that the first tasters thought it was so delicious they wanted some more. Imagine a troop of girls scouts all demanding SOME MORE! It most likely sounded like S’more ‒ thus the unique name was born.

Since that time, creative minds have come up with new versions of the original recipe. Here are several variations to the delicious original treat you may enjoy:

  • Wrap in a biscuit and add strawberries.
  • Add cookie dough.
  • Dip them in Baileys before putting on cracker.
  • Use Oreos, chocolate chip, or peanut butter cookies in place of the cracker.
  • “Pretty them up” with a cookie cutter and Hershey’s Chocolate Kiss.
  • Use White chocolate and pineapple with the crackers and marshmallow.
  • Use marshmallows, Dark chocolate, and pretzels in place of crackers.
  • For the ultimate chocoholic, use chocolate marshmallows, chocolate graham crackers, and bittersweet chocolate.

Click here to try this Recipe for “Adult S’mores”

Can’t build a campfire?  Pre-stack your S’more and pop it in the microwave for 10-15 seconds. Now grab yourself the tools you need to make your tasty S’mores, enjoy the delicious treat today, and post your photos and ideas to our Facebook Page!

Beach Blog

Get Beach Ready in July!

Get Beach Ready in July! The 4th of July is one of the most popular weekends to go to the beach. Whether you commemorate 4th of July on a beach or your back yard oasis, make sure you and your customers have all of the necessary items to make it a fabulous celebration!

Kick back, relax, and oooh and aaaah over fireworks on a personalized beach towel or blanket. Show your patriotism with red, white, and blue themed clothing and accessories. Personalize your clothing, towels, or beach bags with your monogram, business logo, or family print. Keep your food and drinks cold in one of our many coolers that can be hand carried or rolled onto the beach while displaying your corporate logo. Pass out beach balls, Frisbees, footballs, and other fun items to keep everyone entertained with your company tag line. Show your customers you care by passing out water bottles or sunscreen. However you decide to celebrate, Signet offers a huge variety of options to get beach ready for 4th of July with many personalized and promotional items to choose from!

*Some promotional items have a minimum order. Screenprinting requires a minimum of 12 items. Turnaround time for most items is 8 business days.


Come to Signet for your personalized Father’s Day T-Shirts and gifts! Father’s Day is Sunday June 21, 2015

On July 19, 1910 the governor of Washington state proclaimed the nation’s first “Father’s Day”.
However, it was not until 1972, 58 years after Woodrow Wilson made Mother’s Day official, that
the day became a nationwide holiday in the United States.

At Signet we can help you make your Father’s Day T-Shirts and gifts extra special. We carry a
wide selection for that special dad.

For the Sports Dad, a golf towel and polo embroidered with their initials.
For the Car Dad, a t shirt and hat with his favorite muscle car.
For the Tech Dad, a laptop bag and iPad case embroidered with his company logo.

Let Signet help celebrate your father on Father’s Day with personalized gifts that show how
special he is.

Father's Day T-Shirts and Gifts

Join Signet Screen Printing & Embroidery at KidzFest! 2015

KidzFest Banner

Kidzfest is returning on May 16th, 2015 from 11 a.m. until 5 p.m. on the Old Town Walking Mall! The family-focused event features musical performances along with interactive activities for children of all ages. Free activities and engaging exhibits will line the walking mall. Inflatable moon bounces and games will add to the level of fun! There will be more than 50 participating groups.

Kids will get a chance to get their hands dirty with various arts and crafts activities and musical educational exhibits. Kids will also learn about animal care and have a chance to adopt pets!

Watch our video!
Rain or Shine!

Customer AppreciationSignet is all about Customer Appreciation!

Here at Signet we take pride in helping our customers make their dream logo or design into a reality. Whether it’s embroidery or screen printing we go out of our way to make sure we please our customers from start to finish. From the design, to choosing garments, to finished products, we strive to streamline the process to make it easier for our customers. We offer competitive pricing as well as quick turnaround to meet our customers needs. From corporate, school or team spirit, to promotional events. Signet does it all! Check out some of our happy customers!

Come to Signet Screen Printing & Embroidery to see what we can do for you!


Jan, 2015

Don’t you want to be the one wearing Digital Camo, the shirt everyone is envious of?

Further promote your school or company with one of the many new digital camo shirts from Badger.This new pattern is great for all ages and has been a big hit with schools and sports teams. The short sleeve option is available in 18 different colors so you’re guaranteed to be able to find the color you want! These are undoubtedly show stoppers and head turners!

Digital Camo

Check out the different patterns and colors available from Bodek and Rhodes


The history of screen printing has evolved from its earliest inception dating back to the Song Dynasty in China, 960 AD. The rudimentary methods were embraced and refined in Japan and other Asian countries but would not be introduced to Europe until the late 1700’s. It was not until the 1960’s when Andy Warhol screen printed a grainy image of Marilyn Monroe that screen printing began to gain greater notoriety. In the same year American artist and inventor Michael Vasilantone started to use, develop, and sell a rotary multicolor garment screen printing machine.
The History of Screen Printing


The history and fundamentals of screen printing have evolved over the last millennium from linen and canvas to textiles. A screen printed T-shirt is a walking billboard that is kept for years giving you a great return on investment.

Stop in Signet today and ask us how we our screen printing practices have evolved.