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HalloweenHalloween T-Shirt – Show Your Creativity!

Not sure what to be for Halloween this year? Want to save money on expensive costumes? Do you like to wear Halloween themed shirts more than just on Halloween?

Come by our showroom or check out our Design Your Own website app and have one of our top notch artists create a custom Halloween shirt for you, your family, or even a group of friends (think M&M’s or Skittles). Whether it is a fun saying, a super hero, a traditional Halloween icon, or a personal design, let us help you create a fun and personalized shirt.

Choose from standard Halloween colors or select a high-visibility color that will provide extra safety for trick-or-treaters. Long sleeve, short sleeve, or even hoodies – the options are endless! Get creative and order yours today and have a Safe and Happy Halloween!

Happy Trick-or-Treating!

Floor GraphicsFloor Graphics can help out your business in a few different ways.

Some people might use floor graphics as a wayfinding tool! People also refer to wayfinding as “Spatial Problem Solving.” If you have a large facility and need a good way to direct traffic, try out some floor graphics! Arrows, path lines, over-sized footprints, and basic shapes can be used to help communicate some good travel suggestions to get from A to B. It’s basically like a Building Directory sign, but on the floor!

You also might find floor graphics useful for promotions. Many businesses might use floor graphics as a point of sale advertising message. A customer might see a sticker on the floor promoting a 2-for-1 product deal and make that purchase at the last minute! Floor graphics could promote a one day sale or an ongoing campaign. Signet is currently using a graphic to notify customers of our spring items (pictured).

Stop by today and let us know how floor graphics can help you out!

Signage“Why do I need signage for my business?”

There are many important reasons and benefits to having an effective signage campaign for your business.

Signage is the most effective, yet least expensive, form of advertising.  A sign is the only form of advertising that your company owns; it is a fixed investment for a permanent asset.  All other types of advertising are temporary and are repeated expenses.  Additionally signage is also on the job 24 hours a day, 365 days a year promoting and advertising your business.

Customers are continuing to become more mobile, the average vehicle is driven 220 miles per week, for a total of nearly 3 trillion miles of road traveled per year for the entire country, this all equals out to an average of over 540 hours of driver time per year per driver. These drivers constitute a huge audience to your signage marketing.  In addition, an average of 18% of households are relocating per year, which decreases the amount of potential repeat customers.  So an effective signage marketing strategy can help drive new customers in the door.

“During a two-year study, 165 independent small businesses surveyed between 15 and 30 of their first-time customers or clients to determine what prompted their first visit. In all, 2,475 new customers were surveyed. When asked the question “How did you learn about us?” fifty percent responded that the company’s signage was their first exposure to the business. Hence, a business’s signage can be estimated to generate between 15 percent and 45 percent of a small firm’s revenue.”
-U.S. Small Business Administration

People will often judge a business by how it looks on the outside. An effective signage marketing campaign can help bring customers through the door.  When coming up with a good signage campaign you want to keep a few simple ideals in place.  Be specific; a customized sign can give just the right message in the right place at the right time.  Keep it simple; the message on your sign should be clear and concise, don’t bog down a sign with too much information or it could get simply ignored for being too wordy.  We use a general rule of thumb with a 5 second rule, if the message can be conveyed in less than five seconds than you’re good.  Also use a good call to action, something like a slogan that would drive people to enter your business.

Come to Signet for all of your signage needs!



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Monogram DecalsOne small way to spice up anybody’s vehicle is monogram decals!

Any sort of monogram decals can be applied to any window on your car.  Or any flat, glossy surface of the body! You can get a monogram in various styles of script and block lettering. We have many colors available so that way your decal is sure to match your car! You also have the option of choosing silver, gold, or metallic black colors as well. These decals are made out of our outdoor vinyl so it is sure to withstand all weather conditions.

We are currently selling monogram decals at 6″ wide for $14.00 a piece. Stop by and be sure to provide us with your initials so we can get you started!

Vehicle WrapThinking of purchasing a vehicle wrap for your company vehicle or fleet? You’d be making a wise investment with your advertising dollars.

Only two-thirds of Americans read newspapers daily and are exposed to the ads contained within. However, 95% of Americans are drivers or passengers in a vehicle and are reached by outdoor media such as billboards, bus signage, taxi advertisements, bus/taxi stop posters, and vehicle wraps to name a few.

The Transportation Advertising Council, a division of Outdoor Advertising Association of America share from their research that vehicle advertising generates between 30,000-70,000 daily impressions.

Even small companies benefit as no other form of advertising comes close to the cost per impression of vehicle wrapping. Whether you are driving your vehicle daily or its parked along a busy street it will draw attention with a colorful, eye-catching wrap or graphics.

Vehicle wrapping is an extension of your branding. The more people who see your logo, slogans, products or services will associate your name with their future needs.

Wraps encompass full wraps, covering the entire vehicle, or just a partial wrap where one-quarter, one-half, or three-quarters of the vehicle is covered by vinyl and the rest may or may not have some vinyl lettering applied.

Professionally installed and removed wraps also protect your vehicle’s paint from minor scratches and sun exposure over its lifetime.

For more information on outdoor media statistics, please visit, Arbitron, Inc.,

Stop in or call (800-787-8337) our sign and vehicle professionals to discuss your future vehicle wraps or lettering.


A-Pro Home Inspection Vehicle WrapCheck out our recent install of A-Pro Home Inspection Vehicle Wrap!

Vehicle wraps and vinyl graphics are a great way to promote and advertise your business. Think of your vehicle wrap as a mobile billboard with the ability to be seen by thousands of people every day. Vehicle wraps also help draw potential customers in over traditional lettering. With the quick turnaround and versatility, vinyl wraps are a great marketing opportunity.

Browse through some of the other completed wraps and vinyl decals on our vehicle graphics page. Contact us to get started on your next vehicle graphic project!