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Southern Girl

Southern Girl

Let us Bring Out the Southern Girl in You!

What is a Southern Girl? There are many definitions, but here are the top 10 ways to help identify a true Southern Girl:
1) Simple, yet elegant.
2) Loves jeans and cowboy boots.
3) Frequents places that serve sweet tea.
4) Listens to mellow music.
5) Full of Southern hospitality.
6) Generous, sweet, and always polite.
7) Y’all is the only pronoun they need.
8) When it comes to hair – bigger is better.
9) Any sentence started with “Bless your heart…” could be good or bad.
10) They live by Reese Witherspoon’s words “If it doesn’t move, monogram it!”

How can we help you show off the Southern Girl in you? Whether it be through monograms for your clothes, hats, shoes, or even your vehicles – we’ve done it all. How about a nice custom designed shirt with your favorite Southern saying in sparkle?

Visit our website page to Design Your Own, check out our various apparel catalogs, stop by, or call us and let us bring out the Southern Girl in you!

Don Beyer Vehicle Wrap“Our Business is to Make Your Business Look Good”

What better way, than with a Vehicle Wrap?! Advertise your company logo, no matter where you go with a custom Vehicle Wrap. Signet Screen Printing and Embroidery can do anything from simple lettering to a full customized wrap. Our talented graphic designers are here to help your company’s vision become a reality in a Vehicle Wrap.

A custom wrap reaches more customers at a lower cost per thousand than any other form of outdoor advertising. Designing and installing a Vehicle Wrap will create hundreds of impressions per month and millions of impressions per year. With those results you are sure to increase your customer base and yearly business revenue. Read more on Vehicle Wraps and the impact of advertising here.

Stop By Signet to talk to our friendly staff about customizing your vehicle and check out the many wraps we have completed!

Vehicle WrapThinking of purchasing a vehicle wrap for your company vehicle or fleet? You’d be making a wise investment with your advertising dollars.

Only two-thirds of Americans read newspapers daily and are exposed to the ads contained within. However, 95% of Americans are drivers or passengers in a vehicle and are reached by outdoor media such as billboards, bus signage, taxi advertisements, bus/taxi stop posters, and vehicle wraps to name a few.

The Transportation Advertising Council, a division of Outdoor Advertising Association of America share from their research that vehicle advertising generates between 30,000-70,000 daily impressions.

Even small companies benefit as no other form of advertising comes close to the cost per impression of vehicle wrapping. Whether you are driving your vehicle daily or its parked along a busy street it will draw attention with a colorful, eye-catching wrap or graphics.

Vehicle wrapping is an extension of your branding. The more people who see your logo, slogans, products or services will associate your name with their future needs.

Wraps encompass full wraps, covering the entire vehicle, or just a partial wrap where one-quarter, one-half, or three-quarters of the vehicle is covered by vinyl and the rest may or may not have some vinyl lettering applied.

Professionally installed and removed wraps also protect your vehicle’s paint from minor scratches and sun exposure over its lifetime.

For more information on outdoor media statistics, please visit, Arbitron, Inc.,

Stop in or call (800-787-8337) our sign and vehicle professionals to discuss your future vehicle wraps or lettering.


A-Pro Home Inspection Vehicle WrapCheck out our recent install of A-Pro Home Inspection Vehicle Wrap!

Vehicle wraps and vinyl graphics are a great way to promote and advertise your business. Think of your vehicle wrap as a mobile billboard with the ability to be seen by thousands of people every day. Vehicle wraps also help draw potential customers in over traditional lettering. With the quick turnaround and versatility, vinyl wraps are a great marketing opportunity.

Browse through some of the other completed wraps and vinyl decals on our vehicle graphics page. Contact us to get started on your next vehicle graphic project!