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St. Patrick’s Day

Here we are, it’s already coming up on St Patrick’s Day! The transition from pink and red hearts to GREEN clovers. This is THE big Irish day. Why do we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? We’re simply commemorating the Christianization of Ireland during the 5th century by Maewyn Succat. The Irish patron saint was actually British. According to the legend, he was sold into slavery in Ireland when he was a teenager, became religious, escaped back to England, became an ordained priest named Patrick and started converting all of the Irish Celtic pagans to Christianity. He was the one who originally introduced the Holy Trinity to the King by using the shamrock thus making it a popular symbol. The holiday marks St. Patrick’s death and has been observed as a religious holiday in Ireland for over 1500 years. Ireland only officially started celebrating the day in 1903. Since the Emerald Isle is mainly catholic and St. Patrick’s Day usually falls on Lent, it used to be a quiet and religious holiday – until the 1960s, when a law allowed pubs to open on St. Paddy’s Day. (Never call it St. Patty’s Day!) Now, the 17th of March is a moment of celebration for those of Irish descent all around the world.

Green is everywhere, people buy goodies to accessorize their outfits and every pub is decorated in green and clovers for the big crowds coming in to drink the traditional green beer. Even rivers, monuments and even ski resorts have all been turned green to commemorate the occasion. Ironically, even though everyone goes green, Patrick himself apparently preferred blue and proof can still be seen on old Irish flags. During the 1798 Irish Rebellion, wearing the clover and the color green became a symbol of nationalism – and it stuck.

This is also a great time of year to take advantage of our fun and affordable Promotional Products for your company or personal party as giveaways or commemorative items. Some of our fun and most popular items are silicon wristbands, Can Koolers, stadium cups, lanyards, or Coasters to put under the many beverages that will be consumed. Don’t forget to decorate the place with printed inflatable balloons.

Do you want to personalize some goodies for your next event? Contact Signet Screen Printing and Embroidery today and let us help you personalize your holidays year-round!

12 Days of Christmas Savings

12 Days of Christmas Savings

Day 1 of Christmas Savings


On the 1st Day of Christmas Savings, Signet’s offering…
10% off all Design Your Own orders!



Day 2 of Christmas Savings



On the 2nd Day of Christmas Savings, Signet’s offering…
10% off Charles River Rain Jacket with monogramming!



Day 3 of Christmas Savings



On the 3rd Day of Christmas Savings, Signet’s offering…
10% off Charles River Vest with monogramming!



Day 4 of Christmas Savings


On the 4th Day of Christmas Savings, Signet’s offering…
10% off monogrammed New Englander Boot Socks!



Blanket, Monogram, Holiday, Gift, Present


On the 5th Day of Christmas Savings, Signet’s offering…
10% off custom embroidered Mountain Lodge Blankets!



Day 6



On the 6th Day of Christmas Savings, Signet’s offering…
10% off custom embroidered Welded Soft Shell Jackets!



Day 7



On the 7th Day of Christmas Savings, Signet’s offering…
10% off Port Authority Value Fleece Jackets!



Day 8 Savings


On the 8th Day of Christmas Savings, Signet’s offering…
10% off embroidered holiday fleece loungers!


Day 9 Christmas Savings


On the 9th Day of Christmas Savings, Signet’s offering…
10% off our in stock “Joy” design on any shirt!



hats day 9 of christmas


On the 10th Day of Christmas Savings, Signet’s offering…
10% off our in stock Winter Hats!




Christmas Savings Scarf Signet Scarves Gifts Holiday


On the 11th Day of Christmas Savings, Signet’s offering…
10% off our in stock Winter Scarves!




Day 12 T-Shirt Christmas Savings


On the 12th Day of Christmas Savings, Signet’s offering…
10% off our in stock 2015 Christmas T’s!




For additional Christmas Fun, click here to see our little elves getting ready for Christmas!


Minimum order of 12 Items on any Screen Printing, no minimum necessary for Embroidery.
Use Promo Code “12DAYS” when placing order.  Offers expires Dec 16, 2015 for custom orders, Dec 24, 2015 for in stock items.
All customized items must be ordered by Dec 16th to be completed for Christmas Eve pickup.
In stock items can be picked up during regular business hours (M-F, 8:30 am – 5 pm).
We will close at 12 pm on Dec 24th and will be closed Friday, Dec 25th.


Fall Coats

Fashionable Coats

Winter doesn’t officially start until December 21st, but as we woke up the last couple of mornings and felt the crisp air, it was a clear reminder of how fast it’s approaching – it’s time to start thinking about coats. Although we are still able to enjoy the warm afternoons, the evenings and mornings are already dropping into the freezing temperature ranges. Don’t fret though, with our fast turnaround time, you can still get your stylish cold weather gear in plenty of time!

We have many varieties of coats to choose from – whether outside brings a mild chill or the extreme cold. You can also make your choice based on style and functionality. The ideal winter coat is made to keep you warm, easy to layer under, easy to move in, not too bulky and, ideally, something that you don’t feel like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Stay Puft while wearing it. Stay trendy with a double-breasted, mid-length, classic coat or add style and functionality with one of our parkas. Already have all of the basics? Then update your coat closet with classic fall colors like red, deep purple, and dark blues.

Here are a few tips on the top Coat Trends:
3-in-1 Coat – For versatility with the changing temperatures, go for the 3-in-1 coat that gives you the ability to add or remove a special liner and jacket shell. Layer them all together or wear them as individual pieces as the weather dictates.
High Collar – If you don’t like to wear scarves, a high-collar coat is the one for you! It’s an absolute life saver during the bitter winter months.
Hooded Wool Coat – Hooded coats are always great for extra protection against the cold. Pick a nice wool coat in a trendy color to protect yourself against the harshest cold temperatures.
Pea Coats – Slightly shorter and boxier than most coats, they are great for everyday wear and can be worn to work and social functions seamlessly and fashionably.
Trench Coats – This classic coat never goes out of style. Traditionally longer and belted, this coat can be worn to school, work, parties, etc. Single or double-breasted, it’s functional and fashionable.
Winter Parkas – Super warm and sporty, the parka is always a great choice. To keep a modern look, pick one that has a cinched waist to avoid the puffed up look. As the climate changes, so can the need…get one with a detachable hood or fur trim to keep you warm in the harshest temperatures and be removed when it gets warmer.

Regardless of the coat you choose, add your company logo, personalize it with a monogram, or just show off your unique style! Check out all of our varieties or come by Signet today to choose the right look for you! Not ready for the winter coat just yet? You can also choose from an assortment of fleeces, vests, and lightweight jackets. Whatever the need – we will find the one that works for you.

School PrideSchool Pride T-Shirts

Show Your School Pride with Custom Designed Shirts!

Stand out in a crowd and show your school pride with t-shirts that you can easily custom design with Signet Screen Printing and Embroidery by coming into our showroom or using our easy online Design-Your-Own website app.

Contact us today for your Class T-Shirts, “Loud Crowd” tees, Club tees, Proud Parent apparel, or School Staff tees and polos. We can provide your school with most anycolor or style you want from neon pink to tye-dye to camo.

Whether you come by our showroom, call or e-mail us, or visit our online design app, let us help you show your school pride this year!



The Classic Polo

The original polo wasn’t actually a polo at all, it was a button down long sleeve shirt created by John E. Brooks after attending a polo match in 1896 and noticing all of the collars were buttoned down to avoid flapping in the riders faces. The polo shirt became popular when it was worn by Rene Lacoste at the U.S. Open Tennis Championship in 1926. He wasn’t happy with the breathability of the standard starched long sleeve shirt, so he designed and wore a loosely-knit collared tee with a 3-button placket and short sleeves thus paving the way for the classic polo design of today. Lacoste and his friend then opened up their own line with the famous alligator logo only to be challenged in popularity by the Ralph Lauren Polo in 1972 that featured the polo player and quickly became an article of clothing worn as a societal status symbol. Fast forward to current day, the polo is still common attire that comes in many varieties of color, fabric, pattern, plackets, and style, but maintains the classic short sleeve, collared appearance. The alligator and Polo symbol have now been replaced with company logo and other embellishments.

Call your friendly Signet representative to pick from our many varieties of polo shirts…classic and modern…and have our expert team embroider your monogram, name, company logo, or whatever else one’s imagination inspires. Need it fast? Signet will have your polo’s completed within 8 business days. Stop by, visit our website, or call us today (540.665.9651) to get your customized polo’s!

Check out our many varieties of polo shirts in one of our catalogs here!

Look Good This Spring with Custom Yoga Pants from Signet Screen Printing and Embroidery

Custom Yoga Pants



Signet has Ladies Capri spandex pants and yoga pants. We have styles great for yoga or the gym. Let us put your team logo on a pair of Capri spandex or yoga pants. We have all the colors and sizes you want. Call or visit us today.

PosiCharge Technology

PosiCharge Technology locks in color and prevent logos from fading.

Check out this video to see how it works!

Signet offers many styles with the PosiCharge Technology. Check out this link to see what styles you love best. Outfit your sports team this spring with a vibrant logo on a cool jersey!

Coming Soon:

PosiCharge items on Signet’s Design Your Own.

It’s In The Bag at Signet. Come in and see the large variety of bags we offer.

Did you know It’s In The Bag at Signet? Signet offers a large variety of bags for all occasions. Signet can put your company logo on an Ogio duffel bag, an Under Armour book bag or a Port Authority Tote. Signet can personalize your bag for a special gift or for your own beach bag. We can monogram a diaper bag for a loved one or a friend.

It's In The Bag

Go to to view all the bags we offer. You can also bring a bag you already have, to be personalized today!

OFitness Apparelne of the hot new items in fitness apparel is CamoHex. This trendy new pattern is very popular for work-out and athletic clothing.

CamoHex is a new modern take on traditional camouflage. Any organization is sure to stand out in this stylish new fitness apparel! This print comes in various styles of products including crew and v-neck t-shirts, hats, and sweatshirts. The CamoHex t-shirt is very lightweight and also comes in a ladies and youth fit. Any one of these fashionable garments would look great with your team logo on it! Don’t forget any of these items can also be personalized with a jersey name and number on the back.

Take a second and check out some of the CamoHex items and other Sport-Tek fitness apparel at